Karydi Beach

Karydi Beach is a beautiful beach located on the eastern part of Vourvourou Bay in Sithonia, Halkidiki's central peninsula. It has a north-eastern orientation that protects it against the winds of the south which is why its deep green waters are usually warm and calm. Do not worry about walking a few meters into the searsemicolonsign the water is not very deep so you can rest assured that you will not drown. It is safe even for children.

You can take your entire family with you and go for a swim. All of you will surely have a great time swimming in the clear and shallow waters. There are also several taverns on the beachfront. You can find fresh seafood here. You may also try the traditional dishes offered in this resort. As for the accommodations, you can choose from a variety of options. Karydi Beach welcomes tourists from different parts of the world.

This wonderful beach is well known for its amazing landscape that features a serene seaside and a charming countryside. Since it is located toward the end of Vourvourou, you can expect some rocky outcroppings along the stretch of fine white sand. You can also expect good food and comfortable accommodations with world-class facilities. If you are looking forward to a fun and fulfilling summer vacation, make sure that you consider Karydi Beach as one of your destinations.

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