Kallithea Beach

Kallithea Beach is located approximately 50 km south of a town called Polygiros - the eastern portion of Kassandra peninsula. This beach is one of the most visited places and most-organized beaches in Halkidiki. The old construction of the establishments such as spas that goes back to the period of Italian occupation of Greece and the impressive and majestic vegetation makes this place a truly relaxing scene.

Because of the location of Kallithea near Polygiros, it is very accessible to all kinds of tourists. Kids and adults alike will surely enjoy the nice and relaxing crystal clear water and green background of Kallithea beach. This beach offers golden sand, nice and cool shade of umbrellas and other facilities for tourists. At the entrance of the beach resort, you will see a card-operated phone that you can use to communicate with someone else outside the area. There are also affordable hotels and restaurants near the beach therefore you can make your stay to this wonderful paradise more comfortable.

If you are planning to spend your summer vacation on the beach, the Kallithea beach is definitely the right beach for you and your family. This beach is also perfect for friends planning a nice get together activity. This is also a good spot for snorkeling and taking a look at the vast wealth of the sea. Pack your bags and get a tan and enjoy the wonderful beach sceneries here in Kallithea today!

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