Kaliakra Beach

Just along the north seaside of Bulgaria, people will be able to see one of the most magestic and bizarre places on earth - The Cape Kaliakra. This place is located 12 km east of Kavarna and an estimated 60 km northeast of Varna. A rocky peninsula of the place incises 2 km into the sea. This peninsula is known for its long rocks that riches up to 70 km in length. The iron oxide within the large rocks is responsible for the red color of the cape. When viewed above, it would appear like a fiery sword cutting through the dark blue sea. Because of its natural splendor, Kaliakra was renowned the "Beautiful Cape".

Kaliakra is best known for its beach. The Kaliakra beach has that distinct champagne-colored sand that attracts thousands of people to go to this place. Its waters are clear, fresh, and dark blue in color. This allows swimmers to snorkel and dive into the sea. Because of the water's clarity, people are able to look for particular fish that they are interested in. They would even have the opportunity of swimming with them. Another great thing about this unique tourist spot is that accommodations are just beside the beach. When people check-in at hotels in front of the beach, they would have the chance of waking up and adore the beauty of the place in the morning. Also, they would only have to go out of the hotel in order for them to swim in the waters of the beach.

Besides going into the sea, visitors would also be able to eat superb dishes offered by nearby restaurants. Indeed, one of the most unique and picturesque places on earth is the Kaliakra beach.

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