If you are looking for a quiet place to spend this summer, the best place in the world where you can be is in the beach of Kalamitsi.

The beach of Kalamitsi is located on the southeastern portion of the peninsula of Sithonia. This beach becomes ruthless with less vegetation and sudden rocks crashing with the waves of the waters of Aegean. The beach of Kalamitsi is a huge bay composed of three relatively smaller bays. The southern bay is a long beach while the middle bay is the spot where you will locate most of the apartments and hotels. On the other hand, the northern bay is separated from the rest. Most tourists call it the nudist bay for obvious reasons.

This beach is the perfect spot to relax, with the charming golden seashore that is washed by crystal clear Aegean waters and small coves that visitors and tourists alike can explore. The area is very suitable for camping especially the southern bay due to the fact that it is very peaceful and surrounded by magnificent natural backdrop. However, even though it is very quiet and serene here, you will still find hotels, restaurants, bars and taverns around the area.

Now is the time for you to feel the charm of Kalamitsi. This place is just like a paradise. Tell your friends about this and plan a week-long stay in this magnificent and truly attractive beach!

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