Kadavu Island

Kadavu Island is Fiji's fourth largest island. It is located 100 km south of the main island of Viti Levu and is one of the few remaining undeveloped islands in Fiji today. Kadavu island has been created by past volcanic activity and rises 3,000 meters from the ocean floor. The island is a home for many rare birds, including the endemic Kadavu musk parrot.

Completely unspoiled, Kadavu Island is a perfect place for divers and snorkellers. It offers a diversity of fish life and corals of every conceivable colour and hue. The guided sea-kayaking tours are also available on the island. Further inland, you'll find lush, green rainforest filled with rich birdlife and glorious waterfalls and good hiking routes.

Having maintained its strong cultural values, Kadavu is one of the best places to experience true Fijian culture. There, you can escape modern life and enjoy incredible natural beauty.

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