Jaz Beach

Another beach of remarkable history and natural wonders is the beach called Jaz beach. In the past, it has been catering nudists but at present, it is not for that crowd anymore.

Located in the municipality of Budva, which part of Montenegro, the Jaz beach consist of a long stretch of sand and pebbles with majority of the area used as campsite grounds. The beach of Jaz is actually one of the long beaches of Montenegro located in between Tivat and Budva. This beach is famous among tourist who seek to get a tan by spending hours and hours of time under that sun and for the camping enthusiasts, who can spend some bonding time with family and friends. Also, be captivated by the beautiful crystal clear blue waters of this Adriatic coast area. The Jaz beach is so vast that there are parts of the beach that remain unexplored and undeveloped but because of that it is considered a potential tourist hot spot in the future.

Do you think the name of the beach sounds musical? Well, it does have a certain part of its history that is related to music. The Jaz beach is internationally known for hosting a number of events, happenings and concerts especially during the years of 2007 and 2008. There are annual summer activities that are catered on Jaz beach and some once-in-a-lifetime concerts such as the concerts done by The Rolling Stones and Madonna and the big event called the "Live Music Fest" last August 2008.

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