Jaco Beach

Jaco Beach is situated along the island's central Pacific coast, specifically in the northern part of Puntarenas province. If the visitors are to go to this place, it would only take them 2 hours to reach it from San Jose. Since Jaco Beach is a famous tourist spot, a lot of accommodations are built in this place. Because of this, visitors would be able to choose the perfect place for them to spend their nights in.

The beach is known for its waves. Plenty of people go to this place every day to surf because the waves of this beach are large. Every year, a surfing competition is conducted at Playa Hermosa. This venue is approximately six miles down the Pacific coast.

Visitors may choose to do other activities aside from surfing. They may do horseback riding, hiking through the mysterious jungles, kayaking, diving, and going to different biological reserves. Carara Biological Reserves is located 9 miles away from the beach. The visitors may walk around the biological reserve and watch as the migrating macaws make their nests. People must stroll in the biological reserve early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Besides surfing, Jaco Beach is also famous for the nightlife it provides. If visitors want to do some partying, Jaco Beach might just be the best place for them. The beach, the warm waters, the energetic atmosphere, and the partying people give the place an impression of excitement and ecstasy. Jaco Beach truly is one of the best places to relieve stress.

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