Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach is located in Imanema neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The beach became widely known by the song "The Girl from Ipanema." Two mountains, the Dois Irmaos (Two Brothers), rise at the western end of the beach. Ipanema is a public beach, with free access like all beaches in Brazil. Beach vendors offer ice-cream, different cookies (remember to try the traditional Biscoitos Globo), homemade sandwiches, etc.

Ipanema Beach has a division into segments (postos), which demarcates different subcultures. Posto 9 is Garota de Ipanema: there Rio's most slim and tanned bodies tend to migrate. Other area known as the Cemeterio dos Elefantes is the place where old leftists, hippies and artists usually hang out. There is also a gay section, favela people's section. Posto 10 is for sport lovers, with ongoing volleyball, soccer and frescobal games. Arpoador, between Ipanema and Copacabana, is Rio's most popular surf spot. Whatever spot you choose, you'll enjoy clean sands and beautiful sea. Remember: on Saturday or Sunday the beach is very crowded.

Curiosly, the word "ipanema" means "bad, dangerous waters." This is not accidently, because there is usually the strong undertow and often oversized waves crashing on the shore in some areas of the beach. So, be careful, and swim only where the locals do.

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