Hvar Island

Hvar Island is a famous tourist spot in Croatia. It is known to be the sunniest part of the country. The place is filled with people during summer. But the people do not only come here during the hot summer months, but they also come here in autumn and spring. Because of its exceptional beauty, it is frequently added as one of the top-ten most attractive islands in the whole world. People from Greek more commonly refer to this place as Pharos while people from Italy call it Lesina. If visitors want to come to this place, they could go from the Split located on the coast of Croatia or from Ancona on the coast of Italy.

The climate of the island mainly has gentle winters and long hours of sunshine during the warm summer season. During the winter season, the temperature only has an average of 8.4 degrees Celsius. This time of the year enables Hvar Island to conduct winter tourism. The hottest recorded temperature in the island is 37 degrees Celsius. The average temperature of the area on a typical day is around 16.5 degree Celsius. This makes agriculture possible within the island. The sun normally shines 7.7 hours a day which makes people want to relax on its beautiful beaches.

Hvar Island's beauty and excellent climate makes it perfect for outdoor excursions. They could even enjoy the place even if it is not summer. People could definitely come to this place if they want to experience the warm rays of the sun.

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