Huiquan Beach

Qingdao treasures some of the most beautiful beaches in China. There are 6 main beaches lying in the coastal region of Qingdao. They are -- Huiquan, Taipingwan, Zhanshan, Zhanqiao, Sifang and Cangkou respectively. ??Among them, Huiquan Beach is considered as one of the most popular bathing beach among the tourists.??
Opening Timings: The beach can be visited the entire day, right from sunrise to sunset.
Despite the numerical name, it has no bearing on its rank as the greatest beach in Qingdao. It is simply a name. Nevertheless, this 580-meter stretch of sand along the northeastern edge of Huiqaun Bay tends to attract large hordes of sunbathers due to its close downtown location. Changing huts, showers and hawking vendors provide everything a good beach needs. Swimmers can splash with confidence thanks to a submerged wall of shark proof netting. Admission is free.

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