Half Moon Caye

The Half Moon Caye Monument was known to be the first location to be included in the National Park system of Belize during the 70's. People may get to this place by going through Belize or San Pedro City. There are no sleeping facilities in the area. Therefore, people would have to go to nearby islands to get proper accommodations. Others may prefer staying in a yacht if they would like to rest after enjoying their day on the Half Moon Caye.

Facilities that are included in the Half Moon Caye beach would include a visitor's center, an observation tower, and picnic tables. The lighthouse is one of the most popular sights on the island. Although the lighthouse attracts plenty of visitors, the people are not encouraged to climb the establishment for it is said to be unstable. The old establishment was built in the 1930s. Since it is maintained properly, it still looks fabulous.

Different species of animals inhabit the place including birds and lizards. The most common kind of bird living in this area is the Bobbies. People will be able to spot them easily because of their white coloring. They normally stay in this area between August and November.

The most commonly done activity in this island is exploring. If the visitors are not fond of exploring, they could just enjoy a picnic on the beach. Other activities that are offered by the area would include snorkeling and diving. People will be able to see and observe the diverse marine life of the place.

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