Golden Sands

On the northern side of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, an extravagant seaside resort town can be seen - the Golden Sands. It can be seen 17 km away from Varna. It is said to be connected to the city via resorts and villa communities. People from different countries come to this one place to enjoy a time of relaxation and peace. People coming from Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, France, the Persian Gulf, the United Kingdom, and Israel are the most commonly seen visitors in the area.

In order for the visitors to get to the Golden Sands, they would have to drive a private vehicle. Another option would be riding the regular bus lines of Varna. This may take them longer, but it is sure to bring them there.

People are drawn to this place because of the sea, the forest, and the sun. The blue waters of the sea entice people to swim, snorkel, or even dive. They will be able to see plenty of different species of fish and other sea creatures. The hot sun draws people to just lie down on the sand and get their skins tanned. People may even go to the forest to hike and search for different animals. They are sure to find exotic animals that they have never seen before.

What better way to relax than to go to the Golden Sands of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Visitors may even bring their family members and friends with them so that they could enjoy their stay to the fullest.

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