Gnejna Beach

Situated on the western region of Malta, the Gnejna bay is considered a family favorite for its sandy beach and shallow waters. On the other hands, access to the beach is quite a challenge but worth it.

In order to reach the bay of Gnejna, you must go through the bay of Ghajn Tuffieha, climb a hill and go down some steep paths amongst rocks. Unlike the sandy neighboring beaches, small beach is actually part of a petite stone promontory. Luckily, there is another means of reaching a part of the Gnejna bay and that is by going throufh the town of Mgarr. This accessible area is actually the main part of the beach or bay. Here, the sea shore consists of pebbles, sand and rockes. What is interesting about the beach is that boat houses are made to be part of the rock formations near the water. There amazing attractions are siuated on the southern part of the Gnejna bay. The remarkable limestone cliffs and clay stones along with the beautifully clear waters make Gnejna bay a destination with a unique taste. It is because a portion of the bay is taken over by the nude bathing visitors and gay people.

Aside from swimming in the waters, exploring the various part of the bay and experiencing some adventure on the terrain of the Gnejna bay, there are water sports that can be tried out by the tourists and also, fishing is still a thing for the place.

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