Geremeas beach, a historical beach for the visit and laying of eggs of the Loggerhead sea turtle into its sands, is a beautiful and attractive beach that you would want to visit also to lay on the sand and swim in its waters. Experience the serene and refreshing atmosphere that the area offers. Even, the sea turtles could testify to that claim.

Geremeas is a wonderful beach attraction that can be found on the southeast coast of the Cagliari gulf. Its long stretch of white sand of about three kilometers are highlighted by the existence of sand dunes surrounding the beach. Also, Geremeas offers a spectacular scenery where the white sand with sand dunes kissed by crystal clear blue sea waters and rock formations nearby the shore work together to give a beautiful picture. Enjoy long hours of fun under the sun by the shore and in the waters. Speaking about enjoying the waters of Geremeas, experience and explore the best diving spots of the area. There are scuba diving excurions that are hosted by local scuba diving stations. This is a must-to-try for tourists, who seek adventure and spectacular nature trips.

Also off shore and nearby the beach of Geremeas, visitors could visit the villages and villas nearby. The location of the beach and the beautiful villas provide its visitors a holiday nature trip with a touch of urban life as influenced by the villas nearby. Do not forget to try out that short walk to from your "home away from home" to the captivating beach close by.

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