Do you need some fresh air and a nice vacation this summer? Why don't you go to Fava with your friends and family?

The small beach of Fava is situated near Vorvourou, a famous tourist beach resort in Sithonia peninsula with a magnificent landscape of thick forest. This is going to be a perfect escape to all of your problems in your city or in your stressful job.

This beach of Fava is enclosed by greenery and possesses some of the most magnificent formations of rocks. The water are clear and perfect for swimming and the levels are shallow enough to reach the weird islands of rocks that are sprinkled just approximately 100 m away from the shore. There are great restaurants and taverns that you can choose to satisfy your needs. The accommodations are just around the beach so there is no need to worry about where you'll stay.

There are many occasions for tourists and visitors to have sightseeing in the nearby area. There are times that trips to the nearby area offer a fantastic experience. This includes a trip to Vourvourou resort and its wonderful beaches. Another trip that you will enjoy is the trek to the famous Mount Itamos wherein you will see the breathtaking sights of the bay. You can even have a boat ride to one of the islands of Vourvourou which is just directly across the shoreline.

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