El Palmar Beach

El Palmar beach can be currently seen 95 km away from Panama City. It is the only refreshing tourist spot right next to San Carlos town. The only thing that separates El Palmar beach form San Carlos town is the Mata River. Its entrance road is built within the tropical forest. This gives it a sense of freshness and adventure at the same time. At the end of the road, the enchanting town will be seen. It is a residential area, but hotels are the only available establishments within the town. If people want to buy something at stores, they would have to go to the neighboring town of San Carlos.

To get to El Palmar beach, visitors may choose to use a car and drive their way there or they could use the public transportation. If they are to use a personal car, it would normally take them 90 minutes to arrive at the entrance of the beach.

The beauty of the place is enhanced by the extraordinary look of the rocks within the area, the sandy beaches, and the surf sites. Other activities being offered at El Palmar beach are surf classes. These classes are initiated by the oceanfront hotels. Because surf classes are being offered at the beach, the place allows the visitors to rent some of the surfing boards available at the place. Besides surf classes, people could also do camping. The visitors may choose to camp at the beach or at the "Surf Camp" Either way, it is sure to give the visitors the best night of their lives.

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