El Alamein

El Alamein beach is located in the city of El Alamein, 65 miles from Alexandria, Egypt. The beach is famous for being unpolluted and clean with powdery white sans and blue water. Tourists can enjoy lying on the beach or enjoying different water sports.

Known as the favorite place of Winston Churchill, El Alamein city is situated by the Mediterranean Sea and features nice climate throughout the year, beautiful beaches and mountains.

Places to Visit:
Along with the beautiful beaches, El Alamein is known for other tourist attractions, in majority related to the events of World War II and the famous battle at El Alamain. El Alamein Battlefield, the war museum, Tel el-Eisa Hill with the German Military Cemetery and Italian Cemetry are the main places to visit. Besides the historical monuments, there is a nice area of marina full of tourist attractions, shops and entertainment facilities. The beach of Cleopatra is located about seven kilometers from the city. According to the legend, this was the place where Cleopatra used to swim.

Open hours: daily, 24/7
Admission fee: free of charge

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