Donja Lastva Beach

Included as part of the list of beaches along the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, the beach of Donja Lastva is showing potential as a tourist hot spot and destination. Experience nature at its finest upon arrival on the picturesque coastal area surrounded by mountains or hills of lush green color.

Donja Lastva beach is a relaxing beach, where visitors can enjoy the gentle sun and crystal clear waters. Sunbathing is one of the usual activities on the beach and Donja Lastva offers facilities to compliment that activities along with some water sports and activities. With some of the mountains in full view when on the beach of Donja Lastva, relax and enjoy the shore that consists of sand and small pebbles in addition ot a fantastic view. Its shallow waters offer a perfect venue for swimming for families that have kids with them. Also, there are other captivating beaches that tourists can visit by taking a walk along the coast line. Explore the area and discover the additional quiet and secluded areas where you can relax.

The beach of Donja Lastva is close to the area of Tivat which is known for its rich flora especially an island named "Flowers". Also, the beach of Donja Lastva is just about 1.5 kilometers from the town and this makes the beach accessible to establishments and amenities for longer stays on the beach. This is one of the considerations made by tourists planning a beach get-away. Yes! Donja Lastva has near by reastaurants, apartments and hotels that you can choose from for that fantastic holiday vacation.

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