The beach of Dimitraki is a small beach that is situated near Ormos Panagias, a charming fishing town in the central peninsula in Halkidiki called Sithonia. If you want to have some fun under the sun in the midst of sandy shoreline together with your friends and loved ones, this is definitely the ideal beach to visit this summer.

Just like all the beaches in the area, Dimitraki beach is surrounded by abundant green trees that converge right into the shoreline. This is what the tourists and visitors want to see in their travels. Some even take a picture or two and post it on their personal blogs. If you want to have some fun, there are establishments near and around the area that will cater to your needs. There are few taverns and cafes nearby this beach that offer refreshments and fresh and mouthwatering seafood dishes from morning till evening. These establishments will provide the perfect setup for your first nightlife here in Dimitraki.

If you need a diversion, a simple visit to the town of Ormos Panagias will give you a fresh insight after a long and hot day. This village, which can be found at the foot of a mountain, provides a rare landscape beauty and traditional architecture.
The beach of Dimitraki is the perfect get away from your stressful life. This is also the chance for you to meet new friends in this lovely and wonderful beach.

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