Dalian Beach

Dalian is a popular destination among domestic tourists and foreign visitors, especially from Japan, South Korea and Russia. Its mild climate and multiple beaches as well as its importance in the modern history of China have attracted tourists. Some of the most famous beaches are Tiger beach, Xinghai beach, Jinshitan beach and Fujiazhuang beach. It was named as one of the three Best Tourism Cities in 2007, along with Hangzhou and Chengdu, recognized by the National Tourism Administration.
In the summer months most visitors to Dalian are drawn by the city's beautiful beaches. Bangchui Island Scenic Area is one of the most attractive beaches in Dalian and there are plenty of traditional seaside amusements at Tiger Beach and Fujiazhuang Beach. Xinghai Beach is located to the south of Dalian and features the Sun Asia Ocean Aquarium.
Dalian, located in the southernmost portion of Liaodong Peninsula, is one of the most important industrial bases and main seaports in China. It is the center of information, finance, trade, and tourism in East Asia. This harbor city is famous for the cleanest of environments, enjoying an extremely close proximity to the sea, the Bohai Sea to the west and the Yellow Sea to the east. The local people have created countless scenic spots along the long, rugged coastlines and amid the beautiful bays of their city. A summer tourist resort, here you can find natural scenes of stunning beauty, stylish architecture, and luxurious beaches.

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