Curium (Kourion) Beach

Curium or more commonly referred to as Kourion is a fine beach which draws people from across the globe due to its wide-swept coastlines and dramatic view. Even if the beach is filled with singles, large rocks, and pebbles, people still go to this place to kill time. On the beach, the strong winds allow visitors to hand-glide, to sail, and to wind-surf. There are also plenty of tavernas to choose from where people are welcome to sit down, watch the sun set, and enjoy some Meze. They could even mingle with other people while sitting at one of the tavernas. Some parts of the beach may have very strong waves and winds together with large rocks. Because of this reason, the beach is partitioned into two main sites: the safe zone and the unsafe zone. The west part of the beach is much preferred by visitors because of its calm and clear waters.

Aside from the sound of the waves crashing through the shoreline, the beautiful dark blue sea, and the amazing view of the mountains, the beach is also well known for its ancient city - the Curium City. This magnificent city is situated behind the beach. People come to this place to see the surrounding ruins and the well-maintained Greco-Roman amphitheater. The amphitheater has been restored to host different theatrical performances and open air music concerts. Other interesting things that could be seen with in the city would include public baths and mosaics.

The natural beauty of the place and astonishing constructions makes Kourion Beach the perfect place for people to enjoy themselves.

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