Costa Smeralda

Defined as "emerald coast", Costa Smeralda offers its visitors a beach experience that lets them enjoy commercial beach resorts or untouched explorable beaches. A perfect option for the beach lover seeking a holiday vacation destination.

Located on a coastal area to the north of Sardinia, Costa Smeralda is a beach resort with amazing amenities such as golf club, private helicopter and jet service, and hotels of appreciable services. Such attractions along with the majestic pinkish white sand beaches have captivated a lot of visitors that includes the rich and famous. Take a troll near the shore and enjoy the warm sand under your feet especially when the sun begins to set. Bask under the sun and enjoy the clear blue waters of the sea by swimming and involving in some water activities. Experience the luxurious life as beautifula and stunning luxury yachts are seen and found along Costa Smeralda. Also, aside from the yachts, the golf course located here is known in to be the most spectacular in all of Europe.

Aside from the interesting amenities, there are alot of secluded beaches and coves that are part of Costa Smeralda. These remote areas could be reached by riding a boat, but still a lot of beautiful beaches are available near the road.

Along Costa Esmeralda, there are some remarkable areas and villages that are within reach by tourists locals alike. Lisca di Vacca is along the coast and its unspoiled beauty of nature offers a captivating view of the natural reserves of the islands nearby.

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