Coronado Beach

Coronado is a resort area and a coastal city situated 60 minutes away from the main city. It is being visited by thousands of people every year. The rural place gradually turned into an urban place complete with establishments that are essential to anyone's daily lifestyle. These would include banks, pharmacies, restaurants, medical and veterinary clinics, gardening centers, apparel shops, shopping malls, outdoor markets, restaurants, a shopping plaza, and supermarkets. This city is Panama's very first resort development. Because of this, they are fortunate enough to be surrounded by numerous beach towns.

Coronado beach is a popular venue for those who want to enjoy different activities associated with the sea. The soft sand of the beach, the evergreen plants surrounding the area, and the gentle breeze allows people to completely relax and forget all of their problems even just for a certain amount of time.

There are plenty of activities that visitors could do at the beach. Since the sun is almost always shining throughout the year, they could enjoy the heat of the sun and tan themselves until they are satisfied with their golden brown color. With the warm waters of the beach, they could swim to their heart's content. Surfing is one of the most popular activities in the area. Because of the wind gently brushing the face and the skin of the visitors, they can be relieved of all the tension that they are currently experiencing. Other activities that they could do would include eating at nearby restaurants, golfing, and kite-flying.

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