Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a new resort that is located north of Paphos. In this place, there are plenty of exclusive hotels and sandy beaches for families and couples to enjoy. The resort also offers different water sports, great restaurants, and beach taverns.

Not far from the bay is the Akamas Peninsula. This site is known for its exceptional beauty. There are plenty of different kinds of animals living in this particular place. Rare butterflies of different species also live in the Peninsula. Lara bay is a nesting ground for turtles. It is located within the premises of the Peninsula. Visitors are allowed to watch the turtles lay their eggs. They just have to keep in mind that care must be observed when looking at them so that the turtles will not be disturbed. Disturbing them may cause the eggs to get damaged or even break. Aside from the breath-taking scenery and the exotic animals, the Peninsula also offers visitors diving lessons during the summer season. This is the perfect place for people who do not know how to dive. They could go there and enroll for short diving courses.

Coral Bay also offers great accommodations such as luxury hotels and apartments. Most of the hotels have hair salons and beauty spas to ensure that their visitors will be pampered during their stay. Also, some of the hotels that are of high quality have dress codes. People may be required to wear long pants and shirts during dinner. If people do not want to wear dress codes during dinner at hotels, they should double check the hotel first before booking.

If people are looking for the perfect place to relax and be pampered, Coral Bay is the best option for them.

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