Cayo Coral

Cayo Coral is a fascinating place which literally means "Key Coral". There are plenty of fun things to do here. People are free to dive and snorkel. While doing these water activities, visitors will be able to admire the crystal blue waters of the sea, the wonderful coral reefs that it contains, and the tropical fish that inhabit its waters. All of these attractions are available in the island.

Visitors would probably stay in the island for more than a day to fully enjoy and explore its beauty. Therefore, they would have to have a place to stay in. With a place like Cayo Coral, the most comfortable place to stay in is the Caba's Cayo Coral. This charming accommodation literally translates to "Key Coral Cabins". It would normally take one around 20 minutes to arrive at this wonderful accommodation from the island. The cabins are made to be surrounded by the sea. By staying at the Key Coral Cabins, people are provided with a ride to explore the island, two meals each day, kayaking and snorkeling equipment, tours, hammocks, and a wooden canoe.

Aside from the extravagant accommodations, restaurants are also available within the area. The food may include different types of sea foods such as shellfish, lobsters, fish, octopus, snails, and shrimp. Warm delicious rice is always served together with the seafood. While eating the unique dishes of the restaurant, visitors may admire the wonders of the place at the same time.

With the amazing food, comforting accommodations, and fun activities to do, the place is truly a haven for every person on earth.

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