Caye Chapel

Caye Chapel is a private island resort situated 20 miles from the capital of Belize City. It is approximately 65 acres in size. What is unique about this place is that is has its own airstrip. If the visitors are to fly from Belize City to get to Caye Chapel, it would normally take them 10 minutes to get there.

Caye Chapel is full of leisure facilities and amazing activities that only the elite will have the chance to experience. The golf course with in the area is USGA rated and the villas are outstanding. The location of the villa is perfectly placed in an area where visitors will be able to see the wonderful view of the island. Also, the services provided by the villas are of the utmost quality. The island contains 2 miles of breathtaking beach. In addition to that, the place is full of exotic plants and different kinds of wildlife. The Caye Chapel is close to the Barrier Reef of Belize which would allow visitors to dive and snorkel around the area.

The accommodation price would normally start at $200 per night. If people would like to rent the entire island, they would have to pay $15,600 a day. Based on the rate of the accommodation, the place would definitely give visitors the luxury and entertainment that they want. People that had the opportunity to stay in Caye Chapel claim that they would definitely relive the experience.

Besides golf, there are other activities that visitors would love to do. They could eat at great restaurants around the place or they could go at fitness studios to work out.

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