Calla Delle Arene

The Cala delle Arene beach is a famous vacation destination, which is a favorite of tourists from Italy and abroad. With a spectacular and beautiful natural setting of rugged cliffs, pine-clad hills, white sand shore and crystal clear waters, Cala delle Arene gained its popularity despite its small area.

Cala delle Arene beach is one of the gorgeous coved-shaped beaches of the Tremiti archipelago. With the glistening waters of the Adriatic Sea kissing the fine grained and light-colored sand of the beach, beach enthusiasts are sure to have a lot of fun under the sun. On the sand, there are sunbeds and beach facilities that tourists could hire and use during their stay on the beach. Be sure to arrive early because it easily gets crowded here in Cala dell Arene, especially during the peak season.

A stay on these beach offers a treat for the eyes for across the beach is the splendid San Nicola island showcasing its towering fortress and monastery along with a cascade of different boats and yachts that travel along the strait between the islands.

Aside from bathing under the sun and in the warm waters, tourists could also treat themselves boat trips that visit the islands of the Tremiti archipelago. Also, go on a scuba diving excursion with local guides and be captivated by the magnificent sea caves and life under the sea.

After a long fun-filled day on the beach and in the waters, tourists could grab a bite or enjoy the local seafood cuisines served in restaurants near by the beach.

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