Cala Matano

Plan a perfect beach get-away to Cala Matano beach and cove for that one-of-a-kind experience for both beach enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This beach is perfect for tourists, honeymooners or for the whole family.

The beach of Cala Matano is an alluring and captivating beach that is located on the San Domino island, which is a part of the famous and interesting archipelago of Tremiti. The beach of Cala Matano offers its visitors and tourists a taste of untouched beauty of the wild, which definite leaves one fascinated. Also, be enchanted by the lush and rich vegetation of the area along with the majestic limestone cliffs surrounding the beach of Cala Matano. These breath taking cliffs are natural creations that nature lovers would mark as an unforgettable experience. Also, the cove is a perfect location for relaxation and isolation.

In order to reach this haven, there is a downward path way that quite adventurous tourist usually try out. But for a not-so-adventurous means of reaching Cala Matano, take a baot ride to this beautiful cove and beach. Spend hours of fun under the sun or in the sea waters. Who could resist the invitation to bathe in its waters? Imagine the sea bathing the sandy shore with its crystal clear turquoise blue waters. Such as invitating and enchanting spectacle that is simply hard to resist. Take a bath in the sea and enjoy its warm waters along with the bright sunshine.

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