Cala Dei Turchi

Be closer to nature and its wonders when you visit the beach of Cala dei Truchi. It is startegically situated as part of Salento, a stretch of the coast of Puglia. Famous for the enchanting and inviting waters of the sea, the Cala dei Turchi beach is known to be well-maintained and preserved for its natural beauty.

Be amazed with the majestic limestone formations created by the hands of nature. Thus, giving the name "Trukish stair case" for such a view and attraction. Along with this spectacle, admire the captivating sandy beach and clear blue waters. Aside from enjoying the bright and warm sunshine, let the wonderful views take your breathe away. Start the day early and get that tan you wanted. Spend loads of fun on the beach and lie lazily on a towel or sunbed for hire. As the day ends, take a photo of the beautiful sunset. Take a moment and savor the experience of bearing witness of the sun disappearing from your sight. Despite the long and interesting trip to Cala dei Turchi, it will be worth it.

After a relaxing day on the beach, visitors can try to visit the establishments near by such as restaurants and hotels. The restaurants here offer a wide and excellent selection of good food, which ranges from local dishes of Salento to international cuisine. Also, certain hotels and accommodation facilities also offer services such as massage, and on-site sports facilities for playing tennis and the like.

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