Are you tired of feeling the constant stress that's making you down? Why not try the fun here in the beach of Boussoula?

The beach of Boussoula is located on the western shore of Kassanrda peninsula. Just like most of the beaches in Kassandra, the beach of Boussoulas is set in a fantastic and marvelous landscape, one that is removed from the turmoil of modern living. Because of the perfect setting, many tourists go here to enjoy the fantastic scenery and bathe on its cool and refreshingly crystal clean waters.

This beach is very far away from the prying eyes and mass tourism. In addition, Boussoula is considered a refuge of heavenly repose in the peninsula of Kassandra. In this marvelous landscape nestled a source of crystalline water that attracts more people. The facilities provided to tourists are limited to sun beds and beach umbrellas for visitors who want to bask under the sun. You will find the restaurants and accommodations around the beach resort of Sani, another famous tourist attractions in Halkidiki. If you need anything else that you can't get in this resort, the beach of Boussoula is conveniently located near the frequented Sani resort which is filled with different tourist services and facilities that you can take advantage of.

If you've made up your mind and you want to escape the daily boredom that you experience in the city, now is the time to travel in the magnificent beach. Meet new people today and feel the relaxing environment here in the beach Boussoula!

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