Bournda Beach

Bournda Beach is located in Bournda National Park, in New South Wales, Australia, and is part of a small but stunning island that can be reached by foot. The gorgeous Bournda Beach area, once a hot spot for surfers, has since been closed off to them, allowing foot traffic only to explore the breathtaking shoreline and magnificent lagoon. Extending south past Bournda Island to Tura Beach, and adjoining Merimbula, Bournda Beach has a far reach, and every inch is spectacular. The beach sports fine yellow sands, pristine and unspoiled, with warm Tasman Sea waters that shift in an ombre effect, from soft blues to jade greens. The beach is hedged by a lush rainforest and capped by rock fixtures and outcroppings.
Bournda Island is a large outcropping of rock almost immediately off the coast of the beach. Located on the Sapphire Coast and designated as a National Park, it is protected by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, with the nearest town being Tathra. Bournda Park encompasses 6,543 acres (or 10 square miles) of coastal land accessible via the Sapphire Coast Drive from Merimbula on the south end and Tathra to the north.
A low rocky bluff forms the southern boundary of Bournda Beach. On the south side of the rocks is a 200 m long northeast facing beach (NSW 665) that ties Bournda Island to the coast. The beach can be reached on foot from the Bournda Beach picnic area 500 m to the north. It is moderately protected from most swell and receives waves averaging less than 1 m, which decreases toward the island and usually maintains an attached bar, with a rip against the northern rocks. However there are numerous rocks scattered over the beach and a reef extending 150 m off the southern corner.
Wallagoot-Bournda and Tura are exposed rip-dominated beaches, so use caution if swimming here. The island beach offers protection from southerly waves, but has numerous rocks and reefs.
There are numerous beach breaks along the longer beaches, with a right over the rocks on the east end of the island beach. Most surfers however head for the southern end of Tura Beach.

Wallagoot is a popular beach during the summer holidays, and good beach gutters usually persist year round. In addition there is the northern lake entrance and southern Bournda Island.
The combination of ocean beaches, creeks, lagoons and the expansive waters of Wallagoot Lake make Bournda National Park a most appealing area. While the park is well serviced with camping and recreational facilities, its natural environment remains unspoiled.

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