Do you like to go somewhere special this summer? Try the beach of Banieres and see its natural wonders that made thousands of tourists and travelers fall in love.

The beach of Banieres in Halkidiki is considered as the main beach of the most famous resort called Neos Marmaras in the peninsula of Sithonia. The villagers refer to the beach as Banieres because due to the "bath tub" resemblance of its shape that makes it very deep at the start but gets shallow as you go farther.

The beach boasts of its blend of abundant green landscape and sea waters. Many tourists and travelers find this mixture truly fascinating. This place has managed to maintain its natural allure in the midst of heavy urban development. Furthermore, this shoreline is very organized that why it is so crowded. This is one of the most successful beach resorts in Halkidiki. The resort provides sun-beds and beach umbrellas to its customers. The beach is filled with beach bars, cafes and taverns that provide refreshments and sumptuous fresh seafood all day long. The accommodation choices can be easily found right outside the resort. You can choose one that fits your budget or needs.

Beyond the beach of Banieres, either by walking distance or taking a short drive, you will see different clean and beautiful beaches from Neos Marmaras that you can swim and enjoy with.

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