The beach of Azapico is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches the can be found in the islands of Halkidiki. The village that can be found closest to Azapico beach is called the village of Sarti. Because of its location, many tourists flock this particular area of Halkidiki every year.

This shoreline is just one of the many beaches in Sithonia. The overall aura is very typical: if you believe that you have reached the end of the path, you'll be surprised to see that a few more meters still lie ahead for you to make it. There are many taverns and restaurants to try. The accommodation choices are very convenientsemicolonsign you can choose the place where you can stay depending on the budget in your hand.

On the offshore, you will find a rocky outcrop that nests a chapel. The water in the beach of Azapico is very calm, making it perfect for holding any kind of water activities such as beach volleyball and beach soccer. Because of the fine sand, you can lay your beach-bed and get some tan or watch people come and go as you relax yourself. This place is also perfect for watching the sun set.

If you are planning to have a summer escapade, this beach is the perfect candidate in your list. Tell your friends about this place and experience fun and excitement that we have in store for every eager tourist.

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