Ayia Napa Beach

Ayia Napa is a great resort situated at the east side of Cyprus's southern coast. The name Ayia Napa came from a Venetian-era monastery that has the exact same name. 'Ayia' is a Greek word that literally means 'holy' while 'Napa' is archairc which means 'wooded valley'. This amazing resort is famous for its wonderful beaches. Aside from being a greatly visited tourist destination during the holidays, it has also become a party capital of the place.

One of the best beaches and the most popular in Ayia Napa would be the Nissi Beach. Hundreds of people visit this place every summer. The sandy area of the beach is filled with people lying on their sunbathing boards under the hot sun. It usually offers a variety of water sports facilities. Another great swimming spot is the Harbour Beach or also known as Limanaki or Pantahou Beach. This place is known to be the longest beach in Cyprus and in Ayia Napa. The least popular of the beaches would be the New Golden Bay or more commonly known as Landa/Lanta Beach. The place does not get too crowded which makes it perfect for people who want to be solitary. Although the place is less popular compared to other beaches in Ayia Napa, there are still plenty of activities being offered in the area.

Water sports offered in the area would include speed boating, scuba diving, canoeing, windsurfing, and water-skiing. The beaches in Ayia Napa are simply the best in the area. Visitors are sure to enjoy the fun that the place has to offer.

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