Avdimou Beach

Avdimou is a charming small village located on Cyprus's south coast. This place was inhabited by Turkish Cypriots up to the year 1974, but they were forced to live in the north side of Avdimou by Greek Cypriot refugees. The refugees replaced the Turkish people and are now residing in Avdimou.

The people residing in Avdimou made a living out of agriculture such as growing olives, carobs, and local vines. It was their primary source of income. Today, the place is adapting to employing white collar workers in Limassol City.

Avdimou Beach is available for everyone to enjoy. If people do not want to spend money on large quantities to enjoy the warm waters of the sea, Avdimou Beach is the best place for them. There are no fees required for people to have fun on the beach. The great features of the beach would include its wide sand and its large colored pebbles that extend from headland to another cliff-lined headland. This specific feature of the beach protects the area from strong winds to some extent. Because of its wonders, Avdimou Beach has gained popularity among nudists. The beach does not have enough plants and trees to provide shade for the visitors. Therefore, they would have to bring an umbrella to ensure that they have some place to stay if they no longer want to linger directly under the sun.

Locust-bean storage area and small mosque remnants can be seen behind the beach. People may also see different kites at the beach since kite surfing is a popular activity of the place.

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