Ashvem beach

Ashwem beach is a very beautiful beach. Yet another name on the list of remote beaches of Goa is the "Ashwem Beach". Its also a little rocky beach. Goan families go to Ashwem beach for having their picnics. To the north of Ashwem beach lies the Mandrem Beach and down south is the Morjim beach. This beach has a number of beach shack. It also does have some good accommodation in the form of little resorts. But the most ideal accommodation here is the beach huts made of palm leaves.

Ashwem beach is also the nesting place for the olive ridley turtle which is a rare species. The nesting season is between September to February which also happens to be the peak tourist season of Goa. This beach happens to be my personal favorite, as its situated away from the hustle and bustle, and a great place to relax.

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