Armenistris is a quiet, peaceful and sandy beach that is located on the peninsula of Halkidiki surrounded by magnificent and majestic forest of pine trees. This beach is an organized site for camping and a wonderful tourist destination and attraction. Most of the facilities for camping have their own supermarkets for groceries and supplies, medical aid for health assistance, ATM for money, kiosks for help and safe deposits for keeping valuables. You can camp and relax and forget about your busy city life even just for a short while.

This beach is just three hours drive from Thessaloniki. Sarti, located in Sithonia is the nearest village to Armenistis. In this beach, you will find excellent service and culinary delights that you will surely like. For those who don't like camping, you can also stay in mobile homes that can be found near the beach for a more relaxing scene. The mobile homes are equipped with air conditioning and it comes in a very affordable and negotiable rent price.

Armenistris is also very accommodating and friendly to children. There are playgrounds and fun spots for children. Aside from this, there are also craft workshops and creative play for them to join. For those who love playing sports on the other hand, there are beach volleyball and beach tennis tournaments for you to join. You can also participate in other water sports activities near or within the beach area.

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