Albena Beach

Albena beach is one of the best white sandy beaches located along Bulgaria's Black Sea Riviera. What is great about this place is that it is being surrounded by hills and forests. This concept gives the place a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. Although the resort is encircled by forests and hills, it is never short of establishments that people might get into such as restaurants, hotels, and apartments. All of these establishments are ensured to provide services that are of the utmost quality. They do not compromise the services that they offer since they want to make sure that tourists remember the place as one of the best places they have ever been to.

There a lot of fun and great things that visitors could do on or close to the beach. Visitors could eat excellent food at numerous restaurants, do sports, party and mingle with other people at night, relax at spa centers, do horseback riding, or even ride at the amusement park. If the visitors are more adventurous and energetic, they could try extreme outdoor activities such as hiking. While hiking, they might as well admire the exotic animals and plants that can be seen within the hills and the open plains. Meanwhile, if the visitors are more comfortable doing other activities indoors such as relaxing, they could go to Obrochishte village where a 16th Century hostel is available. Others may favor a more subtle type of activity such as strolling around the Botanical Gardens and admiring the beauty of nature.

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