Akti Aretes

The beach of Aretes is situated on the southern portion of Halkidiki's central peninsula called Sithonia. This beach is famous for its rocky and preserved landscape that is safe from the effects of mass tourism. There are number of small and entirely quiet beaches that become a perfect place for those people who are looking for some little privacy. There are people who go naked around the beach even though the place is not officially a naturist beach. If you want to enjoy showing off your skin, this beach is definitely the perfect beach for you.

Akti Aretes is a small strip of sandy beach that have pine trees that grows up to the shoreline that goes around the small bay. You can choose from a variety of accommodation options that can be found on the nearby resorts of Porto Koufo and Neos Marmaras. If you want to stay in the beach for long, you can choose to bring your own tent and set up a camp there. You will not find restaurants and taverns in this place but you can enjoy delicious foods and delicacies in the surrounding beaches. If you want to enjoy some water activities, you can find the amenities provided by other beach resorts. For those people who love trekking on the other hand, they can hike the trails of the area to enjoy some fresh air.

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