Agios Nikolaos Fourka

Have you ever been to the beach of Agios Nikolaos Fourka? This magnificent beach cove will be a memorable place for you to spend this summer.

The small cove of Agios Nikolaos Fourka is situated on the western portion of Kassandra peninsula, right next to Siviri resort. This wonderful beach resort is a gem of magnificent beauty that's surrounded by abundant greenery and provides crystal-clear blue-green water. You can swim on its amazingly clear waters without worries.

This beach cove is very famous for providing privacy for tourists who are looking for some way to enjoy peace and quiet to relieve them of the stress of the city. This is also perfect for couples and lovers who are looking for a nice getaway. Because of the cove's location, few tourists visit this place every year therefore maintaining its serene and calm aura. Moreover, the presence of thick forest of pine trees will provide you some shade during the daytime. Truly, this place is perfect for those who love the company of nature alone.

This beach resort can be easily reached from the main road usually through car. You have to take note that there are not many facilities for tourists in the place. However, you can use the amenities that are offered in the surrounding beach resorts. You can find the accommodation in the nearby resorts as well.

Pack your bags and invite your loved one to spend some time here in Agios Nikolaos Fourka.

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