Agios Georgios

The beach of Agios Georgios is considered as the least popular beach of Halkidiki. This place is a secluded beach that is set in a wonderful and natural setting that is surrounded by a thick forest of pine trees that offers cool shade to tourists and visitors. Sandy and long, this beach is a perfect place for couples and people who need some privacy and peace.

Agios Georgios or Saint George is a small town located in the municipality of Pygros, Greece. It is located 3 km north of Pygros center at the foot of the hills. This place is accessible through ordinary vehicles and mode of transportation.

Since this place is a secluded beach, you can choose to set up a camp if there are only few visitors. Bring your own tent and stay as long as you want. There are no taverns and bars for you to get some nightlife so you must bring your own drinks to have some fun at night. During the daytime, you can also bare some skin if you have the courage to do so. Get some tan under the sun of this magnificent beach. Walk on the long and sandy shore and watch the sun set.

If you and your friends are planning to have some wild activities this summer, the beach of Agios Georgios is definitely the place for you to be.

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