Agia Varvara Beach

Looking for a place to beat the heat of summer? The beach of Agia Varvara is the perfect spot for you to find fun and excitement this season.

The beach of Agia Varvara is a tiny beach resort that is situated in Halkidiki's second peninsula. The beach is set on a wonderful natural setting but poorly organized. This place is perfect for those people who need some space and privacy to enjoy some peacefulness.

Agia Varvara or Saint Barbara is a suburban area located in the western portion of Athens, Greece. This magnificent beach is enclosed by a thick forest of pine trees that reach until just a few meters away from the shore. The area around it is packed of walking trails and biking trails that goes straight from one portion of the peninsula down to the other.

Most of the area around Agia Varvara is farmlands. You will find that mixed farming is very usual. However, during 1940s up to 1970s, urban development transformed much of the farmlands. Nowadays, at least 70% of the town is highly urbanized and transformed to residential area. On the northwest side of Agia Varvara, there is a rocky landscape with few bushes and a thick forest of pine trees. You will find the mountains on the west side of the beach resort. If you are looking for the industrial area, you will find it on the western portion.

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