El Gemal

El Gemal

El Gemal Park Reserve is a paradise that is protected by the government. It houses hundreds of animal species, many of which are endangered. This is why access to El Gemal Island is limited. However, locals and tourists are still allowed a tour of the place when accompanied by guides. Visits can be scheduled, hence people can bask on the sun while lying on the unpolluted pristine beaches of El Gemal. The view of El Gemal Island is indeed breathtaking, what with its sparkling blue waters and magnificent white coral sands. Falcons are said to nest on the trees, while clans of turtles migrate to this island every season. Schools of fish frequent the area, hence snorkeling on the coast of El Gemal Island is definitely a magnificent experience. On top of the tropical fishes that you'll catch sight of, there are phenomenal corals, turtles, seagrass beds and mangrove stands. Sham Alam, a government-cleared diving center, is the snorkeling and diving center you need to look for if you wa...

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